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Congratulations to RAVE for 30 Years of excellence! I’m so excited to share in this year’s celebration of RAVE being in business for 30 years. It’s an interesting reflection to think of how far we’ve come...starting as a broker of used computer equipment in the late 80s, to being a reseller of Sun Microsystems equipment, to designing and building optimized server and workstation solutions today!   
For those of you that might be new to RAVE, we design and integrate advanced performance computing solutions optimized to our customer requirements. We deliver solutions that support artificial intelligence, data analytics, high end simulation and analysis, and machine learning, as well as embedded systems powering our customers’ end-item products. Our customers are both commercial and defense, and we support enterprise as well as product needs.   
In celebration of our 30th anniversary we’ll be delivering a monthly newsletter full of technical updates, latest products, and some inside information relevant to your business. I’d like to invite you to get to know RAVE better!  -  Sara Blackmer
You have likely seen a lot of sensational news in recent weeks about Meltdown and Spectre related to chip design flaws. We want to be sure that our customers have the most knowledge and up-to-date information regarding security and this most recent threat.  

What it actually is: A method for an attacker to observe contents of privileged memory, circumventing expected privilege levels that exploits speculative execution techniques common in modern processors. It is not unique to any one architecture or processor implementation and is not a result of product errata; processors are operating to specification. Mitigations include updates to system software, firmware and future hardware.

Click here for more detailed information, whitepapers and what is being done currently and going forward.
Virtualized systems running on your on-site local private cloud are becoming more in demand every day. RAVE understands the demand to move IG & compute to the local private cloud and can help our partners shape solutions to fit their needs and help you to overcome your virtualization challenges. Virtual machine(vm)-ready servers are available in many form factors and capacities that may be customized to your needs. It is important to realize and understand the significant benefits of virtualization so that you have the best system optimized for your specific workload.   READ MORE

RAVE specializes in speeding defense related applications and productivity with our High Performance Computing (HPC) custom hardware which can include the latest in GPU architectures like NVIDIA’s V100. Adding these cards to your system is like turning a Volkswagen into a Porsche; you will accelerate performance for your mission critical Defense and Intelligence applications (Signal, Digital, Image Processing, Big Data, etc.). 

Our custom optimized systems are used for communications, data collection and dissemination applications such as: Surveillance & Reconnaissance Aircraft, Aircraft Carriers, Mine Counter-Measure Ships and UAV Ground control stations. We have been providing COTS rugged and semi rugged computer hardware solutions for the Department of Defense for over 20 years.

Click here for examples of Defense and Intelligence applications that currently take advantage of NVIDIA GPU’s.

The Michigan Defense Center at the MEDC recently highlighted RAVE. Check out this very informative article.
Rick Darter, Co-founder and CEO
Rick's Reflections
RAVE Computer was started 30 years ago after I left a different computer company of which I was employee number one and a minority partner; it had started 10 years earlier in 1978. Though I didn’t think of it that way then, I was a pioneer in what became the “used computer market.”  The computer industry was young and was just maturing to the point that the first generation of computer users were upgrading to new technologies; they didn’t know what to do with their used computers, and there was no market, yet.   READ MORE

There is a global shortage of GeForce graphics cards, this includes the GTX 1060, GTX 1070,GTX 1070Ti, GTX 1080 and GTX 1080Ti.  All GeForce manufacturers are being affected by this shortage.  This shortage is being caused by once again “cryptomining” demand and component shortages. 

Suppliers are quoting 8-16 week lead times for new GeForce orders and are focused on working to fulfill the current backlog of orders. 

For those of you sitting on the fence about upgrading to Quadro, now is the perfect time to move to a professional graphics card for your system. Quadro offers many additional features and value-adds over GTX, such as application support and productivity accelerators.  As a NVIDIA Elite Partner, RAVE also has access to and can help our customers understand and manage the Quadro product life-cycle. 


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The RAVE R11 was awarded the 2017 Gold ASTORS Award.

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