There has been a lot of discussion and progress surrounding Meltdown and Spectre in recent weeks.  We plan to keep our clients up to date through our newsletter with the latest updates regarding this issue.

According to this article from Intel, the root cause of the reboot issue has been identified - this is updated guidance for customers and partners.

In summary from Intel: On January 3, 2018 a team of security researchers disclosed several software analysis methods that, when used for malicious purposes, have the potential to improperly gather sensitive data from many types of computing devices with many different vendors' processors and operating systems.

Intel is committed to product and customer security and to responsible disclosure. Intel worked closely with many other technology companies, including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system vendors, to develop an industry-wide approach to mitigate this issue promptly and constructively.       
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High performance systems, regardless of their domain, are gathering vast amounts of complex data that needs to be stored, managed, and processed to have usable information in order to allow educated decisions to occur.  RAVE is an industry expert in advanced performance computing, and has been designing and developing custom-built systems to manage this challenge.  read more

As technology develops, so does the number of applications for it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is allowing the medical industry to forge huge advancements in areas like medical imaging, especially within the Higher Education and Research vertical. From scientific discovery to artificial intelligence, high performance computing (HPC) is a mainstay that drives advancement.

Modern research centers are currently solving some of the greatest challenges facing the world today. With traditional CPUs no longer delivering the performance gains they used to, the path forward is GPU-accelerated computing. read more

Did you know?  RAVE Computer has been supplying Lightweight Rugged Rackmount Computers for multiple Reconnaissance and Surveillance Aircraft for over 20 years.  Our DOD customers were in need of a Rugged COTS computer system for every Operator Workstation on the aircraft and RAVE stepped up to the challenge. RAVE has supplied long-life products that have been proven time and time again in theatre. Our quality and support has allowed our warfighters the confidence that the missions they are tasked with will be completed on time!

As a result, there are now have approximately 20 RAVE products installed on each aircraft and we have provided multiple tech refreshes over the years to keep the technology at its bleeding edge.

Rick Darter, Co-founder and CEO
Rick's Reflections
RAVE Computer was officially formed on April 1, 1988, almost 30 years ago; I was the President/CEO Co-Founder and majority stockholder. This was all big titles and important sounding; it was funny at the time as basically I was the lord of my basement.  

RAVE’s first employee worked for me, (my wife’s sister). My other partners worked from a second basement. Mine was our “National Headquarters” where we did sales, marketing and business development; the second was for warehousing, computer integration and technical support. That lasted for about 3 months, when we were ordered by the local authorities that we would have to shut down our “warehouse” as our residential neighbors were complaining about the 40 foot semi’s that had started driving twice a day through the neighborhood - plus, UPS, DHL and FedEx. read more

Having a hard time getting high-end graphics cards? You’re not the only one. It looks like PC gamers have the rapidly rising trend of cryptocurrency mining to thank. The rise of cryptocurrency is a factor, and has caused a global shortage and also skyrocketing prices, when and if you can find them. It’ isn’t  clear what can solve the problem yet. Scalpers could still make a tidy profit buying bundles, then reselling the cards and other hardware individually.

Purchase limits have already appeared on some stores, but don’t to solve the issue. The articles that may help to provide more information (click on the number for the link):
1. Rise of cryptocurrency mining and pricing issues.
2. NVIDIA and the rising price of GPUs.
3. Cryptocurrency mining and high-end GPU shoratges.

For RAVE customers, please be aware of availability concerns for all GeForce cards for your systems. This could be a very good time for you to check out the added features and benefits of Quadro and Tesla products for use in your professional systems. All of our quotes are subject to change based on the volatility of the market pricing for GeForce product.  Additionally, customers should expect delays in system delivery. 

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As part of our 20 year celebration RAVE presented the Disabled Veterans of America (DVA) of Ann Arbor, MI with a $20,000 check toward the purchase of a vehicle that would be used to assist veterans getting to and from the VA hospital. Pictured above: RAVE employees with DVA representatives.

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