Making its debut at GTC this week - we are proud to announce our ultra small form factor prototype. The USFF showcases RAVE's ability to design unique, powerful solutions to meet a myriad of customer requirements.

RAVE’s ultra small form factor prototype workstation offers professional graphics and a powerful desktop grade CPU - both of which can be upgraded as needed.  This space-saving and adaptable system offers exceptional performance in various configurations. Highly dynamic - it can be mounted almost anywhere you may need it to be, walls, ceiling, even in a vehicle or a 2U rack mount or 2U dual-node rackmount.   Stackable and customizable and built for client needs, see what we can come with for you. Contact us for more information.

During Jensen Huang’s keynote address at GTC Tuesday he announced new products and partnerships they are launching. A few are of specific note. If you were at the keynote you know that is was full of great information and NVIDIA is certainly setting the pace in the evolution of technology.

1. The DGX-2 - NVIDIA introduced DGX-2 to its portfolio of supercomputers. DGX-2 is the first two-petaflops system that engages 16 fully interconnected GPUs. It is NVIDIA’s largest GPU - 16 v100 32GB connected by a NVSwitch. Specs include: 10kW, 350 lbs., 30TB NVME SSDs, 1.5TB system memory and two Xeon Platinum. It is 10x faster than DGX-1 and will sell for $399K – this will replace 300 dual CPU server. The DGX-2 is sure to make waves across the industry.

2. The GV100 - With two GPU’s connected by NVlink2. It features 10240 Cuba cores and 64 GB memory. Used via a Render farm - 280 CPU server vs 14 quad GPU server or HPC farm - 360 dual CPU servers vs 30 quad GPU servers. This will change power for a lot of client projects.

3. The V100 - Is now available in 32GB and 16GB HBM2 configurations. The 32 GB memory (2x) is in production now.

RAVE is pleased to be a part of GTC – with great relations with clients and new introductions. This is definitely a show where we can learn a lot and make a positive contribution. We’ll be back next year!

Graphics cards continue to be in short supply and availability is extremely constrained. GeForce cards are still in short supply due to cryptomining.  

As a remider for our customers, please be aware of availability concerns for all GeForce cards for your systems. All our quotes are subject to change based on the volatility of the market pricing for GeForce product. This could be a good time for you to check out the added features and benefits of Quadro and Tesla products. Additionally, customers should expect delays in system delivery.

Rick's Reflections
Rick Darter, Co-founder and CEO

By 1991 RAVE had grown as a Data General used equipment reseller to the point that our customer base requirements exceeded our ability to source the product. In our first three years sales had doubled annually; we were concerned our sales would flatten so we started looking at new markets. We chose a new growing market, Sun Microsystems. We started first by selling used Sun, but also approached their local office about becoming a legitimate Value Added Reseller (VAR) of new products, and they were not interested.

In the same year Sun had developed a problem. They sold their products through distributors, who had the ability to do stock rotation back to Sun; they now had a warehouse full of “unused” systems. Plus they had accumulated double that amount from end of lease equipment that they had taken back.  Sun decided to hold a huge auction, conducted out of their headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA with satellite feeds to several other areas around the country.  read more

If you’ve got a team of Field Engineers, Maintenance Technicians, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, etc., RAVE Computer has a line of Laptops and Tablets that are built tough with the power you need.

Designed to withstand extremely harsh environments. Our semi-rugged laptops and fully rugged tablets combine the computing power and performance you need, with the rugged features you expect from RAVE.

This exclusive group is designed to meet the needs of companies in a wide variety of industries.  Incredibly, this group also includes a tablet - this rugged tablet PC features an 11.6” TFT LCD capacitive touch display and a powerful 5th generation Intel Broadwell Core processor, especially useful for workers in the utility, public safety and government markets.

Read about New RAVE U11 and our other rugged Laptops and Tablets, they should be your on the go applications in harsh environments. 

visit our events page

April 26-27 | Macomb, MI 
Booth #B1

April 30-May 3 | Denver, CO
Booth #4036 

Featuring: Sara Blackmer, President of RAVE, as the Keynote Host and speaking at the following sessions: 
Advanced Performance Computing Power for Large Data Set Processing and Analysis
Women and Diversity in Robotics
Keynotes: The Unmanned Economy
Keynotes: The Unmanned Lifestyle
Keynotes: Unmanned for Good

June 5-6 | Orlando, FL


Get it now - this is the last month for NVIDIA DGX Station promotion!

An all company picture from 2011 - shortly after moving into our current facility. We are
lucky enough to still have a lot of these familiar faces with us today.

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